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The Language of Cinema: An Interactive Student Project Archive

Cheryl Krueger, French
2005 TTI Fellow

          Cheryl Krueger will redesign her Introduction to French Cinema (FREN344 and FRTR 244), to provide interactive involvement of students, particularly in the demonstration and presentation of film techniques. Students will work in teams to research a given technique (montage, camera angle, camera movement, etc.), to find examples from French and Francophone films, and to film their own demonstrations of the techniques. Students will present their digital films in class, then upload them to a web-based course archive. These materials (students’ films, clips from feature films, and interactive activities) will be of use in any course devoted to film study, and in any course  (history, anthropology, psychology, etc.) that relies on film to present cultural phenomena, the representation of personal or historical events, or the study of narrative or aesthetic form and theory. In short: the archive will be useful wherever “the language of cinema” is spoken.